My sister has always been perfect.

I’ve always been the freak.

I’m okay with that—mostly. After all, the doctors separated us surgically after birth, but we’ll always be psychically connected. It’s always worked for us, but she just got married and moved us into her rich new husband’s house.

Three’s definitely a crowd when their sexy time pulls me into her mind.

I need to get a job, save some money, and find my own place before her sex life drives me completely insane. The one thing I don’t need? Swingers parties at the biggest mansion in the neighborhood, hosted by the infamous Wainwright brothers.

Hunter is plastic perfect. He moves the right way and says the right thing, and he makes my skin crawl. Being the ring leader of a swingers club that might be something far more sinister isn’t winning him any points, either.

Then there’s Flynn. Crazy smart, super cute, and impossible not to love.

I want to believe his claim that we’re destined for each other, but Flynn isn’t all he seems. He knows too much about me. The rumors about him are too weird. I know he cares about me, but I’m not sure he’s a good man.

Flynn has no moral compass. His only redemption is his obsession. I want to save him from his brother, but I have to save myself first.
I am a liar.

The only person Flynn never lied to was Tara, but that doesn’t matter now. She’s gone forever, forced to flee and change her identity. Without Tara to center him, Flynn spirals into a wasteland of depravity, his world blurring into a haze of sex, drugs, and alcohol. He always said Tara was the only reason he had to do good with his life, and he’s determined to prove that.

 I am a superstar.

Tara has enough money to be set forever, but she needs a stable life where she can raise the child she carries. She finds that in a sleepy mountain town and its local theater company. Even better, she meets a handsome widower who’s interested in her and ready to be a father again. With Paul, her dreams of easy, simple happiness could be a reality, even when complications arise in the pregnancy.

We are fated in the stars.

Tara is not destined for a quiet life. Without her sister holding her back, she shines too brightly. It doesn’t take long for Flynn to accidentally find out where she is, and he is dying without her. He must go to her, and he must save his child.

Tara has moved on.

Flynn will not let her go.

Tara and Paul are in love.

Flynn will do anything to get her back.