Mr. Tall, Hot, and Branded is the man of Raylene’s dreams, but he can’t be her reality. Her future as a shifter rights activist relies on scholarships from THIRD, an anti-shifter hate group. She’s almost finished with her bachelors, but THIRD needs to carry her a lot farther. If anyone finds out she wants to help the people she was raised to hate, she’s ruined. She absolutely can’t be seen with anyone who isn’t human.

And that brand on the seductive stranger’s neck marks him as a shifter.

Warren can’t afford to bring anyone new into his life. As one of the few free shifters left, he’s saving every penny to buy his family passage out of the country. Saving money is a struggle, but he and his pack of mercenaries are almost there. But they’ve just lost their leader, and Warren doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to fill that role.

His loved ones and pack depend on him not getting distracted by the human girl with the enchanting eyes.

But no plan can stop fate. Warren soon figures out that Raylene isn’t who she thinks she is. As the bond between them seals, Warren must betray her to prove they have to be together.

When the address to Bishop and Jenna’s latest bounty turns out to be an abandoned water park, Bishop starts to doubt the mysterious Gus Hartford even exists. Instead of a jewel thief, they find a herd of bikini-clad deer shifters living the high life inside, but behind all the mojitos and margaritas, the herd is nursing deep wounds and plotting a desperate escape.

Bishop is torn between his vow to complete his work no matter what and the doe he can’t keep his mind or his hands off of, but are her promises those of a woman in love or a woman willing to use anything, even sex, to save her sisters?

What happens in Roger’s Cave stays in Roger’s Cave.

That’s what Roger’s hoping for, at least, when he takes a gig as a body guard for Tempest Paradise, a has-been pop starlet who’s still dancing while the rest of the shifter community loses everything. Summer can be a real bear for shifters with enraged grizzlies inside them, but Roger’s lined up a mate who doesn’t mind things getting rough in the bedroom, so he’s all good.

Tempest’s life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The most freedom she gets is flying from the stage to her dressing room when the show’s over. The rest of her time is trapped in a gilded cage her human uncle has created from a Vegas penthouse while he gets all the profits from her show. She’s dying for some change, even if it’s grabbing a bite at a diner, but she has to convince one of her guards to break the rules for her.

Roger’s mate falls through, but Roger figures he can hold himself together long enough to find another mate. If everything stays calm around him, if no one pesters him too much, he’s sure he can handle his bear.

Which means one thing is for sure: Roger cannot handle his bear.

But Tempest can.

She’s his brother’s betrothed. He’s her bond mate.

Despite years of rejection and neglect, Grady has no choice but to answer his pack’s call to track down a missing she-wolf who’s set to marry his brother, the pack leader. She’s been kidnapped by werewolves, and her first heat is soon, which could have devastating consequences if the werewolves take advantage of it. Grady is relieved to rescue her in time, but her heat is just one problem that comes with her.

As the daughter of a pack leader, Winter has spent her whole life stifled. Her worst nightmare isn’t the werewolves she’s been travelling with but the shifter she’s betrothed to. None of that matters when Grady walks into her bedroom, though, because she knows immediately that he’s her bond mate, her salvation. Her happily-ever-after.

Except he rejects her, first when she enters her heat and again when she admits to how she ended up in the captivity of werewolves. Winter has to let him go, but she can’t.

Not when the life of their pup is put in jeopardy.